When our small town lost it’s Post Office years ago it caused some confusion for those trying  to send stuff our way. Our town is Windsor and so UPS and FedEx still deliver to Windsor. The Post Office for the eastern half of Windsor (including us) is now Cummington, while the western half is served by Dalton.

We instruct our users to use the Windsor address if shipping with UPS (or FedEx), but this is not that easy since UPS actually use USPS addresses, so they think we are in Cummington, until, that is, the package arrives in Deerfield. The trucks in Deerfield depot deliver to Cummington, not to Windsor. So they package is sent to Pittsfield so it can be delivered in Windsor, hopefully the next day.

Easy peezee! It does get here, just takes awhile.

If you are on a computer making the UPS label yourself, be sure to uncheck the “Validate this street address” box shown in lower right below. Or shout over the counter to the person at the UPS store to uncheck the box, you are certain it goes to Windsor.