Service Rates

Because there are so many different microphones, it is difficult to list average repair prices for them. A general approximation for ribbon mics is that the repair will be less than half the price of a new mic.

Currently we can provide a ball park guess for the most popular mics and if you want a formal estimate, we will provide that once we have received your microphone.

Following are the complete average repair prices for selected headphone repairs effective 1 April 2016 (USA + Canada only). The total charge (USPS Priority) for a given shipment depends on the shipping address and the weight of the package. For example, a DT770 Straight Cable will cost $53.56 if located close to us in the Northeast and is shipped in our small box or $78.41 if shipped anywhere in Canada. It would cost $63.76 to California in a heavier, larger box or $85.46 to Canada.

Part USA Canada (in USD)
DT770/DT880/DT990 Straight Cable $58.66 $81.94
DT770/DT880/DT990 Coiled Cable $67.15 $90.43
DT770/DT880/DT990 System Driver $92.68 $115.95
MMX300 Cable $72.99 $96.26
T51i Cable $78.32 $101.60
T51 Slider $69.30 $92.58
T50p Cable $58.92 $82.19
T70p Cable $67.05 $90.32
T5p Cable $73.33 $96.61
Plug on most headphones $39.86 $63.14

The above average USA prices would be for middle America, less further east, more further west. The Canadian average is only weight dependent.

Tesla System Drivers are considerably more expensive than conventional drivers. A complete price list will appear soon, but for now, a simple example. The retail price of the T70 system driver is $123.00, so the complete job will run about $155.

If you are out of warranty and have a broken plug we can replace just the plug with an Amphenol 3.5mm straight slim gold stereo plug which is not threaded but fits into devices inside a case (will not work for devices with microphones). If you use the threaded 1/4″ adapter you should add a snap-in for only $5.60.

Once in awhile we can not find your problem or you decide not to have the repair done. In those cases we charge $15 labor plus shipping and handling to return your device. Should the problem re-appear we will supply a return shipping label.

If it is warranty or you authorize the repair for non-warranty and you agree for us to proceed then we perform the required service and prepare a final invoice which we e-mail to you.

You pay the invoice with the embedded tool and we ship you your repaired device. If you anticipate more repairs in the future please advise us so we will not purge your customer data.

Our preferred shipper is the Post Office (USPS). Their relatively low rates help keep our expenses down so we can offer competitive service rates. If you request we use another shipper, we may add an additional fee due to the increased cost. A box that weighs 3 lbs being sent to the west coast cost over $21 ground at UPS and takes five days. The same box via USPS can be sent 2-day Priority for $13.

Thanks from the team at United Sound Services, LLC