Our preferred method of payment uses a secure online payment portal. When we have completed your repair we generate an invoice and e-mail it to you.

These emails come from and have an attachment. Some of them have ended up in SPAM folders, so be sure to white-list the aforementioned e-mail address if you are expecting to pay us for a repair.

Follow David paying forĀ a set of re-conditioned MMX300s for his gaming grandson:invoice-email

Notice the blue View & Pay Invoice button which you just click when you are ready to pay. That brings you to the invoice.


In the upper right corner you click the Pay now button which takes you to the following:card-info-empty

Note that you have the choice to use a credit card or a banking account. At this time we do not accept payPal. Enter your information and then press the Send Payment button which goes to:


this paid screen which you can print if you wish. When you have completed the payment we automatically receive an email which highlights in our inbox. Your device is already packed and ready to ship, so we make the label and ship so long as it is before our Post Office run at 3:00pm Eastern time.

If you do not receive shipping information within 24 hours of payment please contact us via email as we have had intermittent problems with our email notifications and sometimes are not advised you have paid. You can always double check that your payment went thru by clicking on that blue button in the original invoice email which will again take you to the payment processor, but this time show the following: