beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG is a German audio equipment manufacturer, which produces microphones, headphones, wireless audio systems and conference systems. beyerdynamic remains a family owned company since it was founded in 1924.

This is the web site for the North American operation where you can find the full line of products.

beyerdynamic’s Limited Guarantee

beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG, Theresienstrasse 8, 74072 Heilbronn, Germany (subsequently called: “beyerdynamic“) provides this limited guarantee for the original beyerdynamic product (subsequently called: “product“) purchased by you.
If you wish to make a guarantee claim for your product, take it to the retailer from which you purchased it or to an authorised beyerdynamic service partner. A list of all service partners worldwide can be found on the Internet​w​​In accordance with the terms of this limited guarantee, beyerdynamic guarantees that this product at the time of initial purchase is free of material and manufacturing defects. This guarantee is valid for two (2) years from the date of purchase of brand­new, unused products by the original end user. As proof of purchase by all means please retain the sales receipt. The date of purchase and the name of the product have to be indicated on the sales receipt. Without this proof, which is checked by beyerdynamic or the relevant beyerdynamic service partner, no claims may be put forward with respect to beyerdynamic based on this limited guarantee; beyerdynamic and the beyerdynamic service partners reserve the right to charge a processing fee if this product in accordance with the guarantee terms fails to meet the guarantee criteria.

The guarantee undertaking consists at the option of beyerdynamic of the elimination free of charge of material and manufacturing defects through repair, exchange of parts or replacement of the entire product. If beyerdynamic repairs the product, exchanges parts or replaces the product, then the guarantee claim for the defect in question or the replaced product is valid for the remaining duration of the original guarantee period or for ninety (90) days from the date of repair, whichever period happens to be longer. The repair or replacement claims may be filled with functionally equivalent, reconditioned products. The replaced parts or components become the property of beyerdynamic. This guarantee claim is void if the product has been tampered with by unauthorised persons or workshops. This limited guarantee is valid worldwide in all countries in which in each respective case the national laws do not conflict with these guarantee terms. Other or broader claims than those set forth here may not be asserted on the basis of this limited guarantee. At the same time, however, you as an end user may in your country have legal claims which are not limited by this limited guarantee. The limited guarantee limits neither your legal rights nor the rights of consumer vis­à­vis the retailer which arise from the purchase contract.

Excluded from this limited guarantee are:

  • Minor defects or irregularities in the condition of the product which are insignificant as far as the quality and intended use of the product are concerned.
  •  Accessories included with the product
  •  Rechargeable and nonrechargeable batteries (due to their nature these products have a shorter lifespan which in individual cases also depends practically on the intensity of use)
  • Headband pad, ear pads, wind shield and all parts of the product that have body contact
  • Defects which have occurred through improper use or misuse of the product (for example, faulty operation, mechanical damage, incorrect operating voltage), including, but not limited to, an unintended use of the product
  • Defects in the product resulting from failure to comply with the operating and maintenance instructions of beyerdynamic
  • Defects in the product which have occurred through normal wear and tear
  • Defects in the product resulting from or in connection with modifications made to the product to the extent that regarding the nature and extent of the modification no prior written consent on the part of beyerdynamic exists
  • Defects in the product resulting from force majeure
  • Defects in the product of which you were already aware at the time of purchase
  • Defects in the product caused by the use of accessory components or peripheral devices which are not among the original accessories of beyerdynamic developed for this productTHERE EXIST NO EXPRESS GUARANTEES, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THEY ARE WRITTEN OR VERBAL, BEYOND THIS PRINTED VERSION OF THE LIMITED GUARANTEE. ALL IMPLIED GUARANTEES, INCLUDING­­BUT NOT RESTRICTED TO­­GUARANTEES OF COMMERCIAL PRACTICE AND OF SUITABILITY FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE ONLY VALID FOR THE DURATION OF THIS LIMITED GUARANTEE. BEYERDYNAMIC IS, TO THE EXTENT THAT AN EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY IS PERMITTED, IN NO INSTANCE LIABLE FOR INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF WHATEVER KIND, INCLUDING­­BUT NOT RESTRICTED TO­­LOST PROFITS AND ECONOMIC DISADVANTAGES.In some countries/states the exclusion or limiting of indirect or consequential damages or the limiting of the duration of implicit guarantees is not allowed. In this case the previously mentioned limitations and exclusions do not apply to you.